I had an AI that wrote my Instagram captions. My friends got worried.

This first post got great reviews from friends who seemed somewhat interested. “I would try!” someone said. “Love the candid review,” said another.

But some people seemed to notice that the tone was a little… strange. “Great content, thanks for sharing,” another friend commented dryly. “Is this #advertising?” asked a former colleague.

Most interestingly, the official account of the Goldfish brand hacker commented: “Love that you like it 🧡🔥”.

Then I tried a photo of Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids flavored gum. (I found it unbearable; my 6-year-old loved it.) My AI Signature:

I recently tried the new sour patch kids gum and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. The taste was too harsh and it didn’t hit the mark for me. I think I’ll stick with classic flavors for now, but if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try and let me know what you think!

He received several comments like “Vibrations off”. However, no one seemed to notice, and since the review wasn’t positive, it didn’t sound like an advertisement.

A few days later, I reviewed Starry, Pepsi’s new lemon-lime soda to replace Sierra Mist. To make it look less like a bot, I used a photo of me holding a bottle. This time, I asked ParagraphAI to write an Instagram caption in the tone of a food influencer.

I just tried this new soda called Starry and I’ve been seeing it in stores lately! Unfortunately it wasn’t for me. I’m sure it’s great for someone else, but it just didn’t hit the mark for me. Well, you can’t beat them all! #StarSoda #Try #NotMyThing

I think the hashtags gave away that something was wrong, because what normal person uses such hashtags? “Are you okay?” a colleague asked. Others imitated AI speech. “I’ve heard that Starry is quite controversial,” said another friend who works at an advertising agency that works with PepsiCo. “It’s interesting to get your opinion, thanks for speaking up.”

So far, ParagraphAI seemed to be very good at creating legible and understandable captions for Instagram with a very simple tip. The results didn’t sound like to mebut I have seen how it can be useful for social media marketing writing.

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