Where did you film season 4?

Hello . . . You. Hey back! But this time, Joe Goldberg went on a short European holiday to film the 4th season of You. So far, we’ve seen him work at a bookstore in New York, a lifestyle store in Los Angeles, and a library in a fictional Californian suburb. from Madre Libra, for the fourth installment of the hit Netflix show, he traveled to London as a university professor working under the name Jonathan Moore. And here the web begins to get confused. . .

The first half of the new series premiered on February 9, with the second half following a month later, and although it was met with mixed reviews and usually a number of deaths from Newkas, filming locations entertained us. While some of the distances between them have been mocked online (have you tried walking from Kensington to Shoreditch in 10 minutes?), the London stage of Joe’s new chapter is full of gorgeous country estates, chic townhouses and bougie clubs that are real places in and around the capital. .

While Joe works at the University of London in the upscale Kensington area of ​​London, episodes include glimpses of St Pancras International Station, Chiswick Gardens and even the Fabric nightclub. Read on for details on the You season 4 locations, in case you want to visit the places where Joe lives.

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